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"Oh.. I don't know about this!" 

"Relax, Hera! You'll be fine!" 

Hera had no choice but to trust her chocolate skinned friend. Amanda slowly opened her sapphire eyes to look at the best friend before her who's hands she held. "Balls are all about dancing with other people and having fun, right?" 

"Well, yeah, but.." Hera shifted uncomfortably. "But you look like a real princess, Amanda!" It was true. The white and blue features of Amanda's ball gown, jewelry and accessories truly did bring out her features and beauty. 

"Hey, how do you think I feel?" The third best friend asked off to the side. "I much prefer plain dresses with straps over this ridiculously poofy garb." She said as she lifted one of the sides of her princess-like gown. 

"Oh, Lilac! That's not lady-like!" Amanda scolded as she wagged a finger at her. She turned to Hera once more. "I promise everything will be fine." She said with a reassuring smile and a wink. "Just trust me." And like that, Amanda was off to tend to the other friend. 

In the mean time, Hera glanced around nervously in a white, blue and pink dress that went well with her hair. That was when she caught your gaze. What do you do? 


Hera-Preston's Profile Picture
Hera Preston
United States
Icon by my dA cousin- :iconaileen-rose: Go check her stuff out.

Trauma Center/Team Fandom

Year: 2022

NAME: Hera "Dream Doctor" Preston (Middlename: Kyle)
AGE: 14
BLOOD TYPE: AB- ((She likes blood more than she probably should))
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Angeles Bay, California

Born to Castalia Preston (Delphi Member) and Abioud Adrastos (General surgeon with the Healing Touch) Hera, (little to her father’s knowledge) was aiding in the spread of GUILT and other highly dangerous diseases under the “guidance” of both Adam and her mother when she was five.
When she stopped cooperating, it was agreed that she was to be infected with a pathogen known as the “Akumu Core” (Which is later nicknamed “Alison” as it’s discovered that the pathogen’s personality is much like that of a young girl), a lung-bat pathogen that enables the hostess to be the Sinner for all three strains of Akumu: Kyoki, Seigyo, and Hato, (It’ll summon replicates/clones of these strains to protect itself and sometimes even strains of GUILT) and also influenced her to kill her father. (Under the influence of Seigyo)
Shortly after his death she learns that she has the Healing Touch, and accidentally steals the medical knowledge of her father in the process, along with promising him that she’ll become a surgeon, too, ignorng the fact that just glancing at a syringe would make her limbs seize up. After this, Castalia altered the appearance of both herself and her daughter, fled to Washington, and remarried to a man with a daughter five years old than Hera named Yvonne. Hera did not remember anything from the past due to complications from the pathogen in her right lung.
Two years later, Castalia supposedly disappears while on a family trip to a lake (..Although it’s possible that she was really just escaping to an underwater Delphi base) leaving Hera in the hands of her step-father, and eventually Yvonne.
At the age of fourteen, Hera is a Candy Striper along with two other girls (Lilac Fyals and Amanda Cherrystone) at Caduceus USA in Angeles Bay, and is the adoptive daughter of Nurse Leslie Sears (who had used to babysit Hera when she was eight) when circumstances called for it.
Everything begins coming back when Hera came close to using the Healing Touch while she and her two comrades had to make a desperate attempt to transport and keep stabilize a patient with no professional help available.
She later discovers she can use something called the “Second Mode” of the Healing Touch (Which can be used by any user of the Healing Touch and not just herself) which involves drawing two stars simultaneously to transport the user and an unconscious or sleeping patient to a “Dream Realm” (although their bodies remain in the real world and shouldn’t be disturbed) where the patient can be operated on. (Where Hera puts her medical knowledge to use unless she becomes nervous and forgets everything/a limb starts seizing up)
It isn’t possible to use the Healing Touch in the Dream Realm and the Second Mode is known to make the user vomit and/or lose consciousness and should only be used once per day. Although for Hera, sometimes the toll can be even worse.
The reason? A Lung Bat that’s fused with both her soul and her Healing Touch. Dealing the pain from the Healing Touch to the pathogen as well, it’ll sometimes move about uncomfortably in her chest (if not take a more violent action) along with the usual consequences of using the power. The pathogen can be easily removed from Hera’s body if she cups both hands around the right side of her chest, but If it’s out of her body for more than 48 hours, she’ll die anywhere from instantly to in one

Note: Occasionally sadistic.

"My birthday is December 12th!~
My birthday will be on 12/12/12 of this year.. WHICH IS THE LAST REPETITIVE DATE YOU WILL EVER SEE."

Former member of :icontraumacenter-rp:
This group was noble.

This group is named after me but its for ALL Trauma Center/Team art. :) :iconhera-love:

Main Account: :iconrobotgirl434:
Other RP accpunts: :iconblue-asclepias: :iconemerald-beauty: :iconseductive-sin: :iconsexy-spiderling:

Step-Sister Yvonne Zane by Robotgirl434

FRIEND: :iconserena-martin:

Deceased Biological Father Hera's Sexy Father by Hera-Preston

We aren't dating FJKDSFJDSFSDF STUPID SCANNER by Hera-Preston
He's an arrogant, self-centered, irritable, blunt, insensitive, gun-loving, ballet dancing teenage boy.
...And he's hot. :heart:

((OH, LOOK, HERA! It's your friend, Shortstop! (Jacques Swanson) He's the boy you claimed not to be dating! He used to be a total douchecake to you and tried to kill you over a sandwich once, but it's okay now. He's really overprotective and even possess of you. He's taken ballet and likes carrying guns around. He's also a victim of Crohn's Disease. You hate it how everyone insists that he and you are dating, but they do it anyways.))


TTBFFHG/MY WAIFU, CECEZILLA: :iconchristhememequeen:/:iconcecezilla:
One of my BFFs IRL: :iconnekokantana:
Number one hoemance: :iconmafiasofia:
Surgeon Buddy: :iconcaduceusgirl:
Terrible Ebil People Buddy/Storm Buddy, waifu-sister :iconstorm137:


And other people I love: :iconchristhememequeen::iconnekokantana::iconcaduceusgirl::iconmafiasofia::iconstorm137: :iconchoppychua: :iconunicorn9431: :icontraumachick777: :iconslendysdaughter: :iconnurseangela: :iconluukah:

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